Timebelle: “We are what Eurovision is all about”

The Swiss act Timebelle is made up with people of all kind of nationalities. “It is celebrate diversity indeed! The whole team comes from another country, this is what Eurovision is about,” they tell ESC Daily.

“Being together and enjoying the time, be free and be happy, that is what life and Eurovision is about,” they continue.

Swiss entry from Romania, Romanian act like Switzerland

Romania comes with a song that sounds like Switzerland. “That song was actually ment for us,” Miruna Mănescu, the lead singer of Timebelle, says with a smile. “The idea of yodel came from a time in Switzerland when the author of the song was there.”

Watch our interview with Timebelle at Eurovision in Concert above and also pay attention on the yodeling skills by Miruna Mănescu, the lead singer of Timebelle.