Tina Karol to replace Jamala on Ukrainian Jury

Tina Karol, The Ukrainian singer who represented the country in 2006 with Show Me Your Love, has been selected to replace outgoing juror Jamala on the Vidbir panel.

Tina Karol is a well known Ukrainian singer, when she represented Ukraine, she placed 7th, so she knows what it takes to represent the country on the Eurovision stage. On receiving the news, Tina Karol gave the follow statement to international press:

I am happy to be a member of the National final jury, and to share the stage with the Ukrainian team. All the contestants are ready and new talent is on the horizon.


Last year, outgoing juror Jamala caused some controvery with the eventual winner Maruv. Jamala questionned her patriotism to Ukraine after it was discovered that Maruv, whose real name is Anna Korsun, had performed in Russia, and was going to continue doing so. Jamala uttered the following words during the live national final:

Crimea is Ukraine?

Several runners up, including KAZKA and Brunettes Shoot Blondes refused to replaces Maruv as the Ukrainian representative so UA:PBC eventually decided against going to the competition in Tel Aviv in 2019.

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