Hungary: Kati Wolf takes on local favorites tomorrow

As predictable as results were in the first Hungarian semi final, so close and exciting the second promises to be. Kati Wolf takes on a bunch of big national stars, including Bálint Gajer and Gyula Éliás. ESC Daily spoke to the latter about his song ‘Run to you’.

It will be difficult to predict the results of tomorrow’s show. Kati Wolf received a commanding 45 points in the first round, and newcoming band Passed won the first quarter final, but still it is far from sure who will end up in the top three of the jury vote. Especially since the jury proved last week that their votes may change over time.

Gyula Éliás is not too bothered about this. He counts on the support of the Hungarian people – first in a possible televote, and if he will not reach the final of A Dal, there is always his new album to get him through this spring! In the video below, Éliás tells you something about his music. A nice warm up for tomorrow’s semi final.