Tonight: Jessica Mauboy in Australia’s 4th consecutive Eurovision final

Jessica Mauboy Australia Eurovision 2018

Who could have thought 4 years ago, when Jessica Mauboy performed in the semi final in Copenhagen, that 4 years later her country Australia would not only participate, but also be one of the most successful countries in recent Eurovision history?

Tonight, Jessica Mauboy takes part in the Grand Final of the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest. She will perform as 16th country. And unlike her 2014 participation, you can vote for her this time! Perhaps Australia could get its 4th Top-10 result in a row.

We at ESCDaily have great memories of Jessica Mauboy. The way she and her delegation welcomed us in 2014 was great, and we are proud to be the first Eurovision fansite ever to have interviewed her.

And of course we spoke to her again in the lead up to Lisbon. She told us that the act for her song would be work in progress, even throughout her stay in Portugal. And sure enough, we saw her improve almost every single runthrough.


Australia’s broadcaster SBS have done a great job. Not only in getting Australia in the competition, but also in representing the country’s multicultural nature. All of the participating artists had a clear multicultural background and showed Australia’s ethnic diversity in an amazing way. ESCDaily’s Joshua Mayne wrote this editorial about that topic.

Stronger every minute

Here in Lisbon, Jessica Mauboy seems to be getting stronger every minute. Reactions on her first rehearsal were not great. However, when the live audience came on board, her performance improved tremendously. Jessica seems to be needing the interaction with the crowd to shine. She was strong in yesterday’s jury show and she will shine tonight as well! Let’s see if Australia can not only get a 4th final, but also a 4th top 10 result in a row.

Watch a live performance of Jessica Mauboy at the Australian embassy party below:

Not that you would need prove of her live skills. But just to enjoy it one more time: Jessica Mauboy’s amazing performance at the Australian embassy party.