Moldova: Second semi final tonight

Tonight semi-final 2 will take place in Moldova. Eight out of twelve songs will qualify to the grand final that will take place this saturday, February 28th.

Seven songs will qualify to the final based on a 50/50 votes from the public televote and votes from the jury. Additionally, an eighth qualifier will be selected by an additional televote between the remaining non-qualifiers and will be revealed during an after-show.

The show starts at 18.45 CET and it will end at 21.30 CET. A broadcast is available here! The after-show will be held tonight at 22.00 CET and it will last an hour. Below you can see the participants list of tonights show:

01. Vera & Diana Popa – “Faith”
02. Valeria Pașa – “I Can Change All My Life”
03. Carolina Gorun – “Sublime”
04. Stela Boțan – “Save Me”
05. Cezara – “Am devenit străini”
06. Doinița Gherman – “Inimă fierbinte”
07. Dana Markitan – “Love Me”
08. Doredos – “Maricica”
09. Vitalie Todirașcu – “Tu singura”
10. Julia Sandu – “Fire”
11. Lidia Isac – “I Can’t Breathe”
12. Miss M – “Lonely Stranger”

Moldova will take part in the first half of the first semi-final in Vienna.