Tonight: How will the new voting system work out?

Steef van Gorkum

At the Grand Final of Eurovision tonight, the new voting system will be used for the very first time. Steef van Gorkum, Chief Editor of ESC Daily, saw the dress rehearsals and explains how it all looks. “This change was necessary, the last years the voting dragged on for way too long.”

Tonight, the jury points will be announced per country first. After that, the televoting points will be revealed all together in one bulk. Before the contest, there was a fuss about the televoting points only being announced for the top ten. “But they do show all 26 countries. The first 16 will go in a very fast pace, and at the last ten, they slow down.”

“Whether or not this will create extra tension, will depend on the results. Tonight’s fake result was very weird. Armenia was fourth in televote but won the over-all by a huge margin. Not very likely that this will happen tonight as well. So we will have to wait until tonight to see whether this will be as spectacular as the EBU hopes.”

Van Gorkum thinks the ending of the show looks good. “At the end of the reveal, you see a bit of the performances and you see a split-screen between the last four countries in the race. It is nice for people who are reminded of the performances, how they looked and sounded.”

The order in which 42 spokespersons will deliver the jury vote has been announced. Check out the names and order by clicking here. According to, “The order has been worked out through technical consideration and operational logistics, and unlike the last few years no algorithms were used.¬†All the jury spokespersons will deliver their 12 points In English, with the exception of France who will announce their douze points in French.”


  1. The new voting system AKA “The melody system” is a complete mess, utterly confusing, not creating drama but making the jurys’ points almost irrelevant to the next stage with the televote. this creates total chaos.
    I hope it will revert back next year, when they understand what a FAIL it will be tonight. btw – it ruins the melody as well. you think theres a clear winner and the televote upsets it and upsets the viewers. not good.

  2. Atfer watching the Eurovision contest it clearly shows that the results are not a true outcome but political decision, you can clearly see this Ukraine song was awful and Australia was no better, if anything Russia had a very good song. The contest is not about the song but about politics. THIS IS MY OUTLOOK

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