Trackshittaz speak to EscDaily

EscDaily had the great honor to speak to one of the big favorites of the Austrian National Final – the “Trackshittaz”. The group gained popularity as one of the members, Lukas Plöchl, took part in the latest Austrian idol show “Helden von Morgen” where he finished 2nd. Their debut single and also preselection song “Oida Taunz!” as well as their debut album “Oidaah, pumpn muas’s” already entered the top of the Austrian charts.

EscDaily: Hello guys – thank you for taking your time to answer our questions! Could you make a short introduction of yourself?

Trackshittaz: We are the Trackshittaz from Austria, two young artists making a new kind of Austrian music and we will rock the Songcontest!!!

EscDaily: Why did you decide to take part in the Austrian National Final this year?

Trackshittaz: The decision was made without thinking a lot about it. I (Lukas) actually got the information that Austria’s biggest radio station is searching for candidates for the Songcontest while I was in the gym. So the decision was made while I did my training.

EscDaily: Can you tell us a little bit more about your entry for the Austrian National Final?

Trackshittaz: Our song perfectly represents the Austrian people. It’s down to earth, funny and sexy at the same time. The accordion gives the song a traditional touch.

EscDaily: What would it mean for you to represent your country Austria in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest in Düsseldorf?

Trackshittaz: I think the feeling is the same as if you play the final of the football European championship for your country.

EscDaily: What kind of performance we can expect in the live show?

Trackshittaz: We aren’t the best singers or  the best rappers, but when we step on stage we transform into something what we call in Austria “Rampensau”, which when you translate it to English, it means “stage pig” (but correctly translated it means ,lime lite hog’). So we love to be on stage and we give the energy we feel to the audience.

EscDaily: Which song in the Austrian National Final, apart from yours, you like the most?

Trackshittaz: Charlee “Good to be bad”

EscDaily: Are you an Eurovision fan?

Trackshittaz: We both wouldn’t declare ourselves as song contest fans. But we think that during the last few years something has happened that made the song contest much more interesting than it was before. It became more open minded.

EscDaily: What is your favourite Eurovision Song?

Trackshittaz: The one and only person coming from Austria who managed reaching the 1st place so far: Udo Jürgens “Merci cherie” 🙂

EscDaily: Who are your musical inspirations?

Trackshittaz: We do not really have a musician that inspires us but a person that is also from Austria and reached quite a lot: Arnold Schwarzenegger, because without any doubt he simply does what he wants and gets what he dreams of, because he always works hard for it.

EscDaily: If you could choose an artist you would like to work with – who would it be?

Trackshittaz: Lady Gaga

EscDaily: And one last thing – do you have a message for our EscDaily readers?

Trackshittaz: the only message is train hard, party harder.

EscDaily: Thank you once for answering our questions. The entire team wish you good luck at the National final tonight!!! 🙂

Below you can watch the performance of “Oida Taunz!” at “Helden von Morgen”: