Moldova: TRM due to participate in 2012

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Teleradio Moldova (TRM) are due to participate in Eurovision 2012, according to the broadcaster’s budget reports for the next year.

The Eastern-European national broadcaster now has a section on their website titled “Transparency and Openness” where documents regarding budgeting, reviews of the past year, and action plans can be accessed by the public for free.

According to the budgeting documents online, TRM pay a fee of around 190,500€ to the European Broadcasting Union, which includes the braodcaster’s participation fees for both adult Eurovision and Junior Eurovision. This fee is also broken down, showing that Moldova’s participation fees for Eurovision are around 7,600€, and 6,012€ for Junior Eurovision 2011. A fee for 2012 participation at adult Eurovision is also factored in on the broadcaster’s 2012 budget.

These fees do not cover other costs such as a staging of a national final nor the expenses made in the host city, but the documents on TRM’s website also show that the broadcaster spent only 3,210€ in expenses in Düsseldorf this year. However, in Moldova the winner of national selections must pay for all of their own expenses themselves; if their entry places above 10th in the final, the broadcaster will repay all of these expenses back to the act/singer.

Teleradio-Moldova has not yet commented on this, but we will bring you their verdict in the next few weeks.