Turkey: TRT selects Can Bonomo to Baku! (UPDATE)

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Turkish broadcaster TRT will announce later this evening their representative to the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – which will in fact undoubtedly be Can Bonomo!

After weeks of rumours, TRT will finally put them to rest by announcing the Turkish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 – Can Bonomo! The announcement has come after the names of Kirac, Atiye and Hadise were thrown around by local media in recent weeks as being the Turkish representative in 2012. TRT has informed Eurovisionary.com of the decision, therefore confirming today’s rumours in Turkey.

TRT has continued their tradition of picking an artist internally as the broadcaster has done since 2006. Can Bonomo will be flying the Turkish flag for the 34th time in the contest, which will be held this year in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Check out the announcement below;


UPDATE: By Mert Arslan
After the announcement was aired, Can appeared later on TRT and said that he is excited to be the choice of TRT and that he didn’t expect to be the Turkish representative due to his young age. Can also said that he will do his best in the contest and was shocked when TRT called him and made him the offer – Can said he literally couldn’t speak for 20 minutes. Can will start to write the song tomorrow, with the song possibly being in English. However, Can may surprise us with a Turkish language song.

More about Can Bonomo:

Can Bonomo began playing guitar at the young age of 8. He maintained his interest in music during middle and high school where he went on to study music in Istanbul. Bonomo went on to study at the University Department of Cinema and Television Information. So far during his career, Bonomo has starred in several television commercials.

 Bonomo is known for his alternative rock music and is considered as an indie artist to many of his fans.


With generous thanks to Serkan Uluçay.

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