Tvorchi wins weak semi final in Ukraine

Tvorchi Vidbir Ukraine Eurovision

Electronic band Tvorchi has qualified for the Grand Final of Vidbir in Ukraine. In a rather weak second semi, Tvorchi finished on top with maximum scores from jury and televote.

In a rather weak semi final, KHAYAT and David Axelrod also qualified for the final. They join Krut, Go-A & Jerry Heil who qualified last week.

Tvorchi is already quite a familiar name in the Ukranian music scene, unlike most of the other participants this year:

“Maruv-rule” excludes big names from Vidbir competition

The introduction of the controversial “Maruv-rule” excludes any singers who have ever performed in Russia or Crimea from Vidbir. This means that basically any arrived or experienced Ukranian performer cannot take part. Therefore, Vidbir has been forced to focus on young talent. The participant list includes several The Voice participants and a few unknown names.

Vidbir Semi Final 2 full results: Tvorchi wins

Artist Song Points Rank
MOONZOO feat. F.M.F. Sure “Maze” 7 6th
Elina Ivashchenko “Get up” 8 5th
Oleksandr Poriadynskyi “Savior” 8 4th
GARNA “Who we are” 2 8th
KHAYAT “Call for Love” 14 2nd
David Axelrod “Horizon” 11 3rd
Tvorchi “Bonfire” 16 1st

Watch Tvorchi perform “Bonfire” live in Vidbir: