Poland: TVP release first names for Polish selection

TVP, national broadcaster of Poland have announced the first participants for their Eurovision 2011 selection, “Krajowe Eliminacje 2011”. So far only five artists have been announced, who will be joined by a number of wildcards.

Magdalena Tul – “Jestem” (I am)
(Magdalena Tul)

Anna Gogola – “Ktoś taki jak ty” (Someone Like You)
(Tomasz Zaliszewski, Romuald Lipko)

Roan – “Maybe”
(Tobiasz Staniszewski)

The Positive – “Control
(Mateusz Krautwurst)

Sheomans – “Supergirl
(Małgorzata Szpitun, Krzysztof Pszona)

Three of the five songs, “Ktoś taki jak ty”, “Control” and “Supergirl” are already available to listen on YouTube – you can hear them by clicking the respective songtitles above. The song “Supergirl” is also the theme song for the TV show Poland’s next top model. “Control” is also expected to be disqualified from the selection, since a video of the song has been online since November 2009.

The jury that chose the five songs for the selection, were: Peter Klatt (Chairman), Maria Szabłowska, Thomas Deszczyński, Nicholas Dobrowolski, Krzysztof Szewczyk, Paul Sztompka, Marek Sierocki and Artur Orzech. The Polish national final will take place on Monday, 14th February (Valentines Day). The winner will be chosen entirely by SMS voting.