UK reveals their acts for Eurovision: You Decide

The BBC have released the artists that are taking part in the 2019 edition of Eurovision: You Decide. The three songs that the six acts will be singing were as usual, revealed on the Ken Bruce Show ahead of the main show.

Once again the United Kingdom has selected some rather unknown artists as their acts. The names for the 2019 edition of Eurovision: You Decide are as follows:

Michael Rice
Holly Tandy
Jordan Clarke
Kerrie Anne

The acts in this years edition of Eurovision: You Decide, will have a very different task ahead of them. In previous years, it was one song per contestant. Now, it is 6 contestants singing 3 songs which have been hand-picked by producers and music professionals associated with the BBC. The songs are called ‘Better Than Us’, ‘Freaks’ and ‘Sweet Lies’

The show’s hosts are the same as last year, Mans Zelmerlow and Mel Giedroyc. There is also a new production team, which is headed by Mel Balac and Lee Smithurst.

2018 controversy

In 2018, after Surie (real name Susannah Marie) won the selection show, and therefore the ticket to represent the United Kingdom with her song Storm, which she was singing, the stage was invaded by an unknown individual. Surie found a microphone that was dropped and carried on. Unfortunately, she only came 24th with 48. As her song says ‘Storms don’t last forever’.

United Kingdom at Eurovision

The United Kingdom has not done so well over the last 9 years, with the lowest place within the last 9 years going to Englebert Humperdink and his song ‘Love will set you free’. He came 25th with a score of 12.

The United Kingdom has had a total of 5 wins, and one of those, 1969, was in a four-way tie. The United Kingdom first won in 1967. Sandie Shaw sang ‘Puppet on a string’. The next win came in 1969 when Lulu sang ‘Boom bang-a-bang’ and she was part of the four-way tie. Next came 1976, when a band of session singers called ‘Brotherhood of Man’ sung ‘Save your kisses for me’.

1981 saw, what is now deemed to be a Eurovision classic by many wins, it was Bucks Fizz with ‘Making your mind up’. Then the United Kingdom last won in 1997, and they haven’t won since. Katrina and The Waves song ‘Love shine a light’ and it is still sung by Katrina today.