Ukraine: Eduard Romanyuta is thankful for Moldovan people

Eduard Romanyuta wanted to be in this Eurovision Song Contest as the representative of Ukraine, but due to the polical crisis in his home country, Ukraine withdrew. Now he is here in Vienna after all, to represent neighbour country Moldova. A real example of ‘Building Bridges’.

It’s still a bit tough, that Romanyuta is not waving his own flag this year, he told ESC Daily: “It’s a pity because I had a year of preparations. My song was done, I had my backing-vocals and choreography ready, and then you get to know that your country is not taking part. But Moldova gave us the opportunity to take part in their national final. I am very thankful for all the Moldovan people that voted for me, I won’t let them down. Moldova build a bridge between Ukraine and Moldova.”

Eduard Romanyuta is full of confidence, he thinks that with his song ‘I Want Your Love’, he would have also won in Ukraine: “It’s funny, but I’ve been three times in the Ukrainian selection. I had 7th place, 5th place and 3rd place, so I think I would also have won in Ukraine. My performance was well prepared, we looked at the mistake we made before, it would also have looked like this.”

In Vienna, he is exploiting a real bad boy image, because of the controversional act with half naked police women: “First of all, it looks like that, but I’m not like this in real life. Even though there is something something wild in me. But on stage I switch to another person. Especially when you want to do everything to get the girl you want, when the cops are chasing you. We would like to tell the story of our video. And it has been done well.”