Ukraine: National selection participants announced

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After an internal semi-final in Kyiv which took place yesterday, the acts that will take part in Ukraine’s Eurovision 2011 national final have been announced. A total of 54 acts attended the casting in NTU’s studio, and sang before a jury who chose 20 to advance to the national selection.

Below, you can see a list of the finalists, provided by National Television of Ukraine.

1. Shanis
2. Lena Voloshina
3. Igor Tatarenko
4. Bondarchuk
5. Oksana Nesterenko
6. Group “Treeorange”
7. Marietta
8. Duet “Masha Sazonova & Tikhon Levchenko
9. Vitaliy Galay
10. Olya Polyakova
11. Marta
12. Mihailo Gritskan
13. Renata Shtifel
14. Alexey Matias
15. Group “RAPIRA”
16. Gaytana
17. Ulyana Rudakova
18. Eduard Romanyuta
19. Group “Leyogkiy flirt”
20. Andriy Bogomolets

Two more finalists were already guarenteed wildcards to the final;

• Group “Nerealnye” (Winners of ‘Show #1’ on Inter channel)

• Winner of say.tvselection wildcard.

The jury which chose the 20 finalists from the internal semi-final were Vlad Bazinskiy (NTU Music Producer), Volodymyr Kozlov (Director of “RU-Music” channel, Victoria Romanova (Head of NTU Foreign relations & Head of Delegation) and Ivo Bolu (Singer; “People’s Artist of Ukraine”). A different jury will be used in the final of the competition, which will be broadcast on February 18th.

Stay Tuned!