“Ukraine or Sweden will win Eurovision, Serbia’s Konstrakta could surprise everyone”

In the final ESCDaily Show episode, we discuss the Eurovision 2022 Grand Final. Dennis van Eersel and Erik Bolks both have a different winner, while host Steef van Gorkum argues that Serbia’s Konstrakta could finish in the top 5.

Other topics of this episode include:

  • a fierce discussion about the running order (Dennis van Eersel: “I do not understand why EBU would put Poland and UK right next to each other”)
  • a conversation with Eurovision betting expert Panos Zanettos about tonight’s jury show (“UK will win the jury vote while Spain is a big question mark”)
  • the Eurostory Award for the best lyrics awarded to Italy’s Mahmood & Blanco

Watch the full episode of our Eurovision 2022 talkshow: