“Ukraine will win Eurovision for the wrong reasons”

Erik Steef talkshow

Ukraine will win Eurovision, but not for artistic or musical reasons. According to renowned Eurovision journalist Erik Bolks, pity votes (because of the war) could have a big impact on this year’s results. He defended his theory in the first episode of ESCDaily’s Eurovision talkshow last night.

Host of the show Steef van Gorkum argued against Erik, saying that many of these theories have not worked out in the past. He also presented arguments for why Ukraine could have a strong result regardless of the war.

Check out ESCDaily’s Eurovision talkshow about Ukraine, TikTok and Subwoolfer:

Earlier on in the show, Van Gorkum and Bolks also discussed the EBU’s decision to close the first rehearsals for journalists and put its content on TikTok only. They also talk about the problems with the stage, and the effects this could have on the performances in this year’s contest.


  1. ”Can the nations unite against Putin?” This was a part of the subtitle in a recent article of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in The Guardian. The media is doing its best to make the Eurovision Song Contest political and to make Ukraine win. Sympathy, pity or against Putin voting seem not to bother Kalush Orchestra either. If it did, they would publicly ask everyone to vote for the best song and to support Ukraine in all other possible ways, e.g., by donations.

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