United Kingdom: BBC sticks to national final format

The BBC will let the Brittish audience decide who will represent the United Kingdom at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017. They also used this format last year, when eventually Joe and Jake got no further than a 24th place in Stockholm.

Potential artists for the national final in the UK can apply until November 1st. A selection committee by a representative panel of official UK Eurovision Fan Club (OGAE UK) members will then select a number of candidates. The exact amount of participants in the show is not known yet. What we do know is that as last year, the tv-audience will decide the winner of the final, together with a national jury.

Record Industry Executive and Music Consultant for the BBC, Hugh Goldsmith, will have a part in the selection of the songs, just like last year. Hugh Goldsmith says: “I am looking for songs which have the capacity to make a true impact on the 200 million people that will watch Eurovision live in May 2017. Good is not enough…. Great is required! The winning song will need to combine emotive lyrics and memorable melodies with a brilliant production. Writers should not be constrained by genre – Best in class is what we want! If you think you have the perfect song, we would love to hear from you.”

The last time the United Kingdom has been successful in the Eurovision Song Contest was back in 2009, when they ended up in 5th place with Jade Ewan’s performance of the Andrew Lloyd Webber song ‘My Time’.