Björkman: ‘Terry Wogan ruined the show with mockery’

Christer Björkman, producer of the Swedish broadcaster SVT, has told the British newspaper Mirror that he would not have hired the late Sir Terry Wogan for Eurovision gigs anymore. “He did this for 28 years and his ­commentary always forced the mockery side and there is a grown-up generation in Britain that doesn’t know anything better.”

Björkman continues: “He raised a generation of viewers believing this was a fun kitsch show that had no relevance whatsoever. It totally spoiled Eurovision. Because of what Terry Wogan did, the UK don’t put in their best efforts. But it’s the BBC who wanted him and let him, they did not stop him. He did his best and he did what he did very well, make fun of something, but if I would have been in charge I would never have chosen him.”

Britain’s Eurovision stars leapt to Sir Terry Wogan’s defence, saying these comments by Christer Björkman are disrespectful, since the Eurovision commentator recently passed away in January, at age 77.

What do you think of the discussion? Does Björkman have a solid point, or should Wogan get more respect since he recently passed away?


  1. As a British eurofan, I completely agree with Mr Björkmann. In his early years commenting for ESC his comments were generally good humoured and respectful. By 2000 his comments had become dangerously xenophobic in nature and on occasion border line racist. He was very out of touch with the music scene in the UK let alone in Europe. He pandered to a little Britain mentally which regards everything European as strange or risible.
    I detected an element of the same in Graham Norton in Vienna. It’s a sad reflection of Britain today that mocking insults are the main stay of humour.

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