United Kingdom: “The jury was overboosting the songs”

Lucie Jones won the ‘Eurovision: You Decide” show in the United Kingdom on Friday, but afterwards there was some debate about the jury panel in London. They were very positive on everything, and that made them somewhat surreal. “The jury was overboosting the songs when perhaps we needed a critical aim,” says our reporter Brandon McCann.

Brandon followed the show in London en explains: “Especially in a national final like this and you have a jury that seems to be biased, you are not getting a fair kind of competition. But thankfully in the end results they delivered. The results were covered up, as the BBC wants to focus more on the winning song. It is a little bit distrusting, not transparent, and that is a bit worrying for me.”

Emmelie de Forest

As Brandon says in our latest episode of the podcast Scout Around, in the end there was the best possible winner. Lucie Jones will go to Kiev with a song by Eurovision-winner Emmelie de Forest. “That is really cool and it is quite shocking to see that in the United Kingdom. That the producers are up for a foreign songwriter. This shows that the UK is trying to take it serious this year and hopefully we will see that in the end result.”

The thing that remains, once again, is the fact that the BBC is looking for a new strategy every year. “Maybe they are just trying to find their own pathway. But in the meantime they need to listen more to the fans and dare to take risks. It could be going in a stronger pace, when it comes to their vision.”


  1. Being a Brit and a UK Strictly fan, I knew that Bruno rarely gives bad comments to any performance, he just gushes and wafts when someone is brilliant. I think it worked best that the Expert Panel didn’t critique too much – with two of the songs (Danyl and Salena), their poor vocals did it all for them. Unfortunately in the UK, we have got so used to ‘pantomime criticism’, where Craig Revel Horwood on Strictly and Simon Cowell on X Factor are the ‘bad judges’ and get booed by the audience, a critique as you ask for is really impossible to be taken seriously. Even Sophie’s comments about Olivia not being to her grandma’s taste was booed!

    At the venue, we could barely hear what they were saying anyway!

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