United Kingdom: Original songs requested for public selection

The BBC has started the public song submissions process to find the UK’s entry for the 63rd Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. As last year, all public entries will be considered and shortlisted by a representative panel of official UK Eurovision Fan Club members.

At the same time, entries will also come from leading professional songwriters, with guidance from Record Industry Executive and Music Consultant for the BBC, Hugh Goldsmith.

Hugh Goldsmith: “Eurovision is about originality”

Hugh Goldsmith says: “The ESC in Lisbon 2018 promises to be yet another fantastic show. I’m determined that we, the UK, are able to build on our excellent showing of 2017. Thanks to Lucie Jones’ superlative performance of the powerful ballad, Never Give Up On You. To this end I am, again, looking for songs with emotive lyrics, memorable melodies and brilliant productions. However, success at Eurovision can also be about originality and the element of surprise. So, please also send us your songs if they are creatively fresh, brave and a little bit different!”

In the 2017 contest in Kiev, United Kingdom finished in 15th place. Lucie Jones received 111 points and gave the UK their best score since 2011.