Update on the Eurovision 2017 preparations

In an interview with Podrobnosti the general director of NTU Zurab Alasania spoke about the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 and progress of the host city selection.

“There is no delay. People came up with a certain date by which they thought the decision would have been made, and now it seems there is a delay. But this point is imaginary, it doesn’t exist. There was no deadline,” Alasania states.

“All the cities interested to host Eurovision Song Contest 2017 have a great desire, but we have a lot of questions to them. These questions are not political, but purely technological. For example, we need exact calculations of a new roof structure, because we need to know will it be able to hold necessary amounts of light and sound equipment. All this is very difficult.”

Specifically, about the remaining cities, he had a couple of things to say: “The main question for Dnipro is how they will be able to accommodate all the guests. They want to use ships, so perhaps this may be a kind of special gimmick. Kiev is positioning itself as great, mighty, having absolutely no doubts in their victory. In 2005 everyone knew where Eurovision will be hosted. Now nobody knows it yet, not the cities, nor us.”

You can read, and translate, the full interview here.