Germany: Finalists announced

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The semi-final of Unser Star für Baku 2012 was held tonight in Germany. Yana Gercke and Shelly Phillips were eliminated while Roman Lob still remains favourite together with Ornella de Santis in the final! Moreover, tonight’s show was very excited as the results were very close, however Roman Lob was back in the lead for the fifth time. The show was hosted by Sandra Rieß and Steven Gätjen. There were two rounds, in the first round Shelly Phillips was eliminated while in the second round Yana Gercke was the unlucky participant. The Grand Final will be held on 16 February, and it will be broadcast by Das Erste. The winner of Unser Star für Baku 2012 will represent Germany for the fifty-sixth time in Eurovision Song Contest which will be held this year in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Semi-Final results

1. Roman Lob

2. Ornella De Santis

3. Yana Gercke (Eliminated)

4. Shelly Phillips (Eliminated)

Stay tuned for Unser Star für Baku final!