Victor Crone crowned winner of Eesti Laul 2019

Victor Crone Photo: Screenshot ERR

The grand final of Eesti Laul 2019 has been won by Victor Crone. The winning song ‘Storm’ will be the entry for Estonia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.

‘Storm’ by Victor Crone is a very accessible “Scandinavian” sounding song, composed by Stig Rästa, who took part at Eurovision 2015 for Estonia. Victor Crone was the favourite of the bookmakers beforehand by a landslide.

Nevertheless, his co-competitor Stefan won the international jury vote. Victor Crone was far behind at this point. However, he managed to catch up with a huge televoting score.

Watch Victor Crone perform “Storm” live in Eesti Laul!

Victor starts standing solo with his guitar and gives away a charismatic performance, which ends with a female backing singer standing back-to-back with him.

Notable names in Eesti Laul 2019 final

The final of Eesti Laul had some notable names in the competition. Sandra Nurmsalu returned, after singing in the group Urban Symphony in 2009 at the contest. Birgit (ESC 2013) and Tanja (ESC 2014) also teamed up.

Estonia is seeded in the second half of the first semi final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2019.