Victoria made up her mind: ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ for Bulgaria in 2021

Bulgaria's Eurovision 2021 representative VICTORIA — Photo: BNT

After showcasing multiple songs throughout this Eurovision season, singer Victoria has decided that the song ‘Growing Up Is Getting Old’ will be the one she will use at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Bulgaria has been seeded in the second half of the second semi final.

Victoria would have represented Bulgaria in 2020 as well. Her song ‘Tears getting sober’ was the favorite of the bookmakers before the rehearsals were to begin in Rotterdam. However, we will never know if it would have actually won the competition.

The new song “Growing up is getting old” is a ballad with very little orchestration. For large parts of the song, there is no percussion (only a violin and a rhythmic piano). The choir sounds that featured in last year’s song have returned, giving the song a nostalgic feel.

Victoria goes to Eurovision with “Growing up is getting old” for Bulgaria

The Bulgarian broadcaster internally selected Victoria, after which she presented six potential songs of her new album for the contest in Rotterdam.

The other five songs were:

  • “Dive into Unknown”
  • “Imaginary Friend”
  • “Phantom Pain
  • “The Funeral Song”
  • “Ugly Cry”