Daily Coffee: "Draw running order may be more important moment than the second rehearsals"

Because we don't expect a lot of changes for the Big-5 and Portugal, the allocation draw for the finalists may be an more important moment today, than these rehearsals in the morning. This expects our chief editor Steef van Gorkum, who talked in our morning podcast show Daily Coffee.

"Australia deserves a permanent spot at Eurovision"

After many good results in recent years and another qualification for the final to come, Australia deserves a permanent spot at the Eurovision Song Contest. This believes Anita Maratheftis from Eurovision Union, an Australian journalist who is covering Eurovision in Lisbon. Anita was our main guest in the morning podcast Daily Coffee, saying "year after year we probe that we should be there, you can see it at the results". Our own editor Brandon McCann joins her, even stating that Australia should be granted a certain spot in the final. "But let's not take it too far," Anita disagrees. What do you think?

"Without LED-screens, this year is a Eurovision star contest"

More than ever the Eurovision Song Contest is all about the performer and their charisma, now that we don't see many visual power and LED-screens. According to Daniel Gould in our latest podcast episode of Daily Coffee, it is a Eurovision Star Contest this year. "It is very important how the performer comes across," Daniel explains. "This year, it is all about the stage presence. You can;t fall back on nice fancy LED-screens. We are looking for someone who brings charisma to the stage. It is a Eurovision star contest."

Daily Coffee: "Estonia is overrated in the betting market"

According to Panos Zannettos from Cyprus, Estonia is being overrated in the current odds within the betting market. The gambler says this in our latest podcast episode of Daily Coffee. "It is especially overrated in the win market, but it is also to short in the qualification market. Even though it will qualify." Panos told us, together with Erik Bolks from The Netherlands, what he thinks of the rehearsals thus far. For him, the Czech Repulic and Estonia stand out, but he is also very enthusiastic about Belarus. Zannettos does not rule out a top-10 place in the final "because there has to be at least one former Soviet state in the top-10."

Daily Coffee: “Be careful for overreaction in the first round of rehearsals”

In our morning podcast Daily Coffee, Brandon McCann and Steef van Gorkum from ESCDaily talk about the countries that will take the stage on this fourth day of rehearsals and the reaction for Australia after their first rehearsal on Tuesday. "It surprises me that, every year, the press centre overreacts after the first rehearsal over a country. For some, a potential winner like Australia can drop to a non-qualifier," says our presenter Dennis. "Even after a disappointing first rehearsal last year, Isaiah also made it for Australia. They will pull it off again this year, but we have to be honest, there are still a lot of things that need to be fixed," reacts Brandon.

Daily Coffee: Norway, Australia and The Netherlands are the ones to watch today

Every morning in Daily Coffee we look ahead on the day to come in our podcast. Today gambler Rob Furber and Erik Bolks from OGAE The Netherlands talk about the first nine countries in the second semi final, that will have their first rehearsals today.