Vienna 2015: How many actual journalists are in the press centre

Editor Katja Black did some investigative work, focusing on how many people in the press centre are actually full-time paid journalists. Take a look at the video below to discover the facts

This year around 1,700 journalists from around the world are working in Vienna for these two weeks. But most of them are representing fan-based media, while working unrelated jobs for the other 50 weeks of the year. There are students, train conductors, retail store managers, physicians and corporate bankers, among others.

But is this a problem in the Eurovision news coverage? The conclusion is that each member of the press brings their own skillset, from life outside the contest, to the job. It becomes, then, a matter of “customer service” as one interviewee explained. What do the fans (who are not involved in media) want, and how best to deliver that material.

In the end, professional journalists, as well as part-time fan-journalists, all have the same goal: how to make things interesting, and how to convey the spirit of the event.