Vienna 2015: Israel, Latvia back in the final after many years

Latvia and Israel, along with eight other countries, have qualified for the Eurovision final. The last time Latvia was in the final, was in the 2008 contest, whilst Israel had to wait from 2011 to get qualified for the Grand Final again. Favourites Sweden and Norway also sailed through, while usual finalists as Iceland and Malta were eliminated.

Besides the participating countries of semifinal two, finalists Australia, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom also voted in the semi final. The finalists are (in order of announcement);


Stay tuned for the qualifiers draw where the ten lucky finalists will be drawn into either the first half or the second half of the Eurovision final! UPDATE: You can find the draw here


  1. basically all western countries got eliminated including the most western nordic country…it’s 2007 all over again….only Belgium will move on from semis

    • That is quite an ignorant statement. If you look at many of the songs from E-Europe without your basis, you may see that this year they lack… quality. Besides, there are good Westerners in the final anyway – Belgium, Sweden, Italy.

      P.S. If you are one of those people who couldn’t understand Ireland’s not going through, I’d suggest making a survey in Europe how many fell asleep during Irish performance this year. Ireland is my usual favourite in ESC, but this year it was a big and fat miss.

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