Vienna 2015: Live-Blog of Day Three

Day three of rehearsals is over and Norway was one of the few countries that made an impact.

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21:00 – End of the day!

After a busy day for Team ESC Daily, with dissapointing rehearsals, interesting press conferences and our first recording session of The ESC Daily Show, we are now slowly packing up our equipment. Keep an eye out for the talkshow tonight! And join us for more liveblogging tomorrow morning.

19:40 – Daniel Gould not impressed

Even ‘winner of the day’ Norway did not make a great impression on professional better Daniel Gould. He is probably laying most of today’s countries for qualification. Here’s how he feels about Norway’s staging:

18:55 -Norway “won the day”  

At the Norwegian press conference, it was established that Norway was by far the most popular of today’s rehearsals and judging by the rush of press at the end, ‘Monster Like Me’ clearly is the favorite at this point.

Norway 2015

18:15 – First impressions of the Czech performance

17:56 – Cold and dim skies for the Czechs  

Marta and Václav visualize the melancholy of their lyrics into the dimly lit, remote staging. The only real wave of excitement to their performance is when Marta throws her shoes upstage – seemly part of the act and not a costume malfunction.  

17:32 – Dressed in black from head-to-toe  

Can Portugal make an impact in the competition, or will their quiet-rock melody go unappreciated? Check it HERE and let us know what you think.

17:15 – Portugal quietly rocks it  

Leonora’s vocals are a bit swallowed by the band, but her positive rocker-attitude can bring up the energy with a little more work.  

16:54 – Norway’s first impression

16:36 – Orange is the new black  

Norway chooses for orange as a background colour. It matches with Debrah Scarlett’s hair colour in a funny way. The stage is empty, no table with poisoned guests like in the videoclip.  

16:10 – Warriors look similar  

Amber does not only have the same song title as Georgia, but the staging and visuals also look similar. Georgia’s staging is of higher quality though – Malta looks a bit too flat right now. See for yourself HERE

15:55 – Michele and Anita want to come back next year  

“We really hope we can come back to Eurovision,” said Anita during the San Marinese press conference. Watch the video HERE.  

15:33 – Malta gets ready to fight  

Backstage Malta’s warrior has arrived, as their first rehearsal fast approaches. They question is can they put on a better show than Georgia did yesterday?  


14:54 – A break to regroup  

A one hour break in the day gives everyone the chance to regroup and prepare for the next wave of rehearsals this evening. Coming up shortly are Malta, Norway, Portugal and the Czech Republic. Stay tuned!  

14:48 – Vaidas’s new found belief  

In the Lithuanian press conference Vaidas admitted that early on he did not see ‘This Time’ winning the long preselection, but he is happy with the result, stating it would be weird to have won with any other composition.

Vaidas - Lithuania - This Time

14:20 – Knez goes for minimalist performance – press center applauds  

The Montenegrin entry this year supports the traditional Balkan sound, but their performance is quite standard and minimal. The press center applauded his first run-through, but will the simple staging be enough for fans? Watch the video HERE.

14:16 – A bit more involvement from Australia  

Australian Katrina Noorbergen not only co-composed the Russian song ‘A million voices’, she is also on stage as one of Polina’s backing vocalists. And of course, she is stating her song is “very special and epic”. Read the rest of our article HERE.

13:25 – Former JESC-kids on stage  

Time for the first rehearsal of San Marino! Anita & Michele really thought about the way they wanna stage their song. You can watch the rehearsal HERE.  

13:19 – Impression of the Irish rehearsal 

13:05 – Meanwhile, Mans is on his way  

12:50 – “You will see a red light over there”

The Austrian producing crew gives Molly instructions that can be heard all throughout the press center. “The camera will pass by here, and then you look up, and you will see a red light over there.” This is clearly something that does not come natural for Molly, but the team is working on it, helping her to improve.

Molly Sterling playing with the camera first rehearsal 2015

12:46 – Molly Sterling keeps her eyes closed

Much to discuss for the Irish delegation on stage after the first runthrough, in which Molly Sterling kept her eyes closed for almost the entire three minutes.

12:30 – Video online for Lithuania

What do you think of Vaidas & Monika as a couple – believable? Or not? Watch it HERE.

12:07 – Čaroban-colours for Lithuania

Lithuania has chosen for a very sweet, candy-cane-like backdrop with upbeat colours. Much like the Serbian song Čaroban in 2011. Monika and Vaidas not only kiss, but also hold hands on stage like young kids.

Lithuania first rehearsal 2015   &   Čaroban

(Click to enlarge & compare)

11:50 – “Serbia is a certain qualifier”

In Daily Coffee this morning, Dennis van Eersel discussed the qualification odds of semi one with Katja Zwart & Mihalis Vollmer while sipping a hot beverage. Listen to the newest episode below:

11:25 – Team is ready for a busy day

From Coffee in the early morning until a Talkshow late at night – you can follow our Eurovision analysis all day long here at ESC Daily!