Jury rehearsal: Vocal assessment of all the songs in semi 1

So the jury show for the first semifinal of the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest has just ended. In this blog you can read what we thought of the vocal qualities of each nation, and how we think the juries will react to their performance.

The jury potential of each song is rated on a scale from 1-5, with a more detailed description provided below that.

Moldova: Rating-2.0-stars
Eduard’s vocals are okay, they are definitely better than in the national final. We fear that female jury members are going to downgrade this, because of the sexism in the performance – like they did to Poland last year.

Armenia: Rating-3.0-stars
Vocals are really different per member. The first guy is the weakest link, but if the juries keep their attention, they will get to Inga and the Australian Marie-Jean who sing really well. Altogether, this is a conventional ballad that jury’s could vote for if they dismiss the allegedly political message.

Belgium: Rating-3.5-stars
Loic is vocally good, with some freestyling at the end,. It is doubtful whether juryies will be enthousiastic for that part, but it is not off-key. A modern song and a potential radio hit. Officially juries are instructed to pay attention to that, but it has not always been proven that they do.

Netherlands: Rating-3.5-stars
Vocals are good after an edgy start. The ad-libs at the end add to that, and they are well-performed tonight. This is a conventional mid-tempo song, inoffensive and middle of the road, which is what jury’s like. No jury member will put this on the last place, and that may help in the current voting system.

Finland: Rating-1.0-stars
Question here is – will juries assess the musical package? If they do, the composition is flat, and the vocals are therefore monotone, which would result in a low evaluation. However, we have seen in the past that juries can behave like televoters when it comes to special entries like this.

Greece: Rating-4.0-stars
Maria Elena washes away all the previous entries vocally. She impresses with long notes, which do not seem to take her any effort. Song is not original, but inoffensive, and therefore jury material.

Estonia: Rating-4.0-stars
If juries picked the best song, this would have easily been their number one. However, they mostly assess vocal abilities and these have always been the shaky part of the Estonian entry. Today, they sound better than at the first round of rehearsals, and therefore should end high up.

FYR Macedonia: Rating-2.0-stars
Daniel sings well in certain parts, but his first note is shaky and after that he sometimes struggles with the higher ones. The new R ‘n B version of the song makes it a less jury friendly genre.

Serbia: Rating-2.0-stars
The change of the song from mid-tempo to dance is not jury friendly at all, we guess. It is also at this point that Bojana misses a couple of notes – besides this, the vocals are fine. Won’t come in last at the jury vote probably.

Hungary: Rating-3.5-stars
If you set the first two lower notes aside, this sounds like a very well-performed vocal exercise. Total package suits the song, which is in itself inoffensive especially if you consider the message of the song.

Belarus: Rating-2.5-stars
This is not Uzari’s best performance of the week, vocally speaking. His voice sounded weak, and jury’s will notice that we heard more backing vocals than the actual artist singing. Last year, they punished Estonia for this, and they might do the same with Belarus now.

Russia: Rating-4.5-stars
If juries do not buy in to the putative hypocriticism that Russia sends a peace song, this is the most jury friendly package of the night. One great voice, combined with a decently written melodic ballad, slightly old fashioned but completely inoffensive. Polina performed without any mistakes tonight.

Denmark: Rating-3.5-stars
This type of song is, as mentioned before, extremely jury friendly. Happy, middle of the road and completely inoffensive. Vocals are definitely not the best of the night – but not that bad either. In the last minute, the voice of the singer becomes a little bit weaker, but the beginning sounds more than decent. The charming camera work by the guys may also please juries as well as televoters.

Albania: Rating-3.0-stars
Vocals are a little bit panting from time to time, especially in the first minute. It may not really be off-key, but neither is it as convincing as you may expect from a Voice of Italy winner. The long notes at the end of the song might have some benefit with juries.

Romania: Rating-3.5-stars
Voltaj saves the best for last. Vocals are flawless – the first note of the refrain is on the edge, but definitely not off-key, and besides that, the singer has everything under control. The song is a ballad that could attract jury points left and right as well.

Georgia: Rating-3.5-stars
Nina did not give her best – but definitely also not her worst performance of the week. It seems like the delegation made the right choice to have her save her voice in the afternoon, and perhaps some pills have been put into Nina after that as well. This performance is not flawless but good enough to end in the top 10 for the juries.

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