Viktor Király, Leander Kills reach semi final of A Dal

Former participants Leander Kills and Viktor Király (pictured above) have lved up to their expectations in the first heat of A Dal in Hungary. Both acts have qualified for the semi final stage, with Leander Kills even winning the first show.

Other qualifiers are Zsolt Sule, Ceasefire X and Gabi Knoll. Tamas Vastag and his song ‘Ne hagyj remenyt’ ended in eigth place, but was saved by the public.

Results of heat 1 of A Dal 2018 in Hungary

01. Leander Kills – Nem szol harang – 44 points
02. Zsolt Sule – Zold a majus – 44 points
03. Viktor Király – Budapest Girl – 43 points
04. Ceasefire X – Satellites – 41 points
05. Gabi Knoll – Nobody To Die For – 40 points

06. Noemo – Levegot! – 39 points
07. Living Room – Kirakat elet – 36 points
08. Tamas Vastag – Ne hagyj remenyt – 36 points
09. Fourtissimo – Kisnyuszi a kalapban – 33 points
10. Patikadomb – Jo szelet! – 33 points

Problems with App voting in Hungary

During the show, the app voting crashed and was not used for the results of heat 1 in Hungary. Only SMS voting was taken into count. It is not known if the system will be up and running correctly when the second heat is aired next week.

Viktor Király back in A Dal

American trained singer Viktor Király is the biggest name in the competition. He won talent show Megasztár in Hungary in 2008, and reached the last 24 in The Voice of America in 2015. In between, he had scored four number-1-hits in Hungarian charts.

Király made his A Dal debut in 2012 when he performed with his twin brother Benjamin and their sister Linda. Their song “Untried” placed fourth in the final. Viktor went solo in 2014 and reached the superfinal with his song “Running out of Time”.