Vilija Matačiūnaitė (Lithuania) wins 2014 Barbara Dex Award

Vilija Matačiūnaitė, who represented Lithuania in Eurovision Song Contest 2014, has won the 2014 Barbara Dex Award.

The Barbara Dex Award is an annual fan award for the worst dressed artist in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is named after Barbara Dex, who represented Belgium in the 1993 contest, and is awarded by the fansite House of Eurovision.

This is Lithuania’s first time to win the award but like the previous three years the win was a landslide. Vilija Matačiūnaité got 311 votes for her leather/rubber outfit with blue accents.

A total of 1,101 valid votes were used this year and the website reported most votes were valid, with a few being discounted mainly because of multiple votes from the same person. Voting opened after the Grand Final.

You can see the top ten below.

Placing Country Points
01 Lithuania 311
02 Italy 90
02 Moldova 90
04 Georgia 76
05 Albania 64
06 France 56
07 FYR Macedonia 52
07 Ireland 52
09 Poland 40
10 Germany 30

And here is a full list of previous winners:

Year Country
1997 Malta
1998 Germany
1999 Spain
2000 Belgium
2001 Poland
2002 Greece
2003 Russia
2004 Romania
2005 FYR Macedonia
2006 Portugal
2007 Ukraine
2008 Andorra
2009 Hungary
2010 Serbia
2011 Georgia
2012 Albania
2013 Serbia