Vladana will perform for Montenegro in Turin

After a series of clues released by broadcaster RTCG, it is now official. Vladana Vučinić will fly the Montenegrin flag in Turin.

Broadcaster RTCG internally selected Vladana after an open call for submissions. Her song is yet to be revealed, however, she offered the following teaser:

‘I know that life is in both black and white keys, and everyday is a brand new song – that’s why it’s interesting. We only realise what it means to fight for a life when it begins to hurt, and when the cure is the only mission. This is my song, my cure for Europe, and for the world.’

Vladana is an all-round artist with an education in music theory and opera. She also has a degree in journalism from Montenegro’s State Faculty of Political Science. The talented star plays piano, and is currently learning guitar.

The talented star from Podgorica launched her debut single at Budva Mediterranean Festival, a competition that also helped launch former Eurovision winner, Marija Šerifović.

‘Sinner City’ became one of Vladana’s biggest hits, and the first video from a Montenegrin solo artist to appear on rotation on MTV Adria. Her album, also titled ‘Sinner City’ is available on Spotify and Apple Music.

This is not the first time we have seen Vladana in the Eurovision realm. She previously attempted to represent Montenegro in 2005 and 2006.