Serbia: Vladimir Graić working on a new Eurovision song

Top composer Vladimir Graić is working on a new song for the Eurovision Song Contest. On the Instagram account of Mia Pijada we can see a picture of him working with singer Danica Krstić. The picture is at his studio, and contains a lot of Eurovision Serbia hashtags.

Whether broadcaster RTS has asked Graić to write the next Serbian song is unknown. In recent years the broadcaster has opted for a internal selection of a small national final.

In 2015 Graić also got to pen down the Serbian song for the contest. Danica Krstić also took part in the final back then, but Bojana Stamenov turned out as the winner.


Before that, Graić rose to fame writing the Serbian song Molitva for Marija Šerifović in 2007. Serbia ended up winning the Eurovision Song Contest in that year. In 2012, Graić returned to the Eurovision stage for a different country. He wrote the Slovenian 2012 entry Verjamem for Eva Boto, which did not manage to reach the Grand Final.