Waylon sings ‘Outlaw In Em’ for The Netherlands

Waylon will sing the song ‘Outlaw In Em’ on behalf of The Netherlands in Lisbon. Friday night, he announced that this song is his definite choice for the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

Just like in 2014 with The Common Linnets, Waylon presented his Eurovision song for The Netherlands in the Dutch talkshow DWDD. Over the last week, every day he performed a song from his new album, but kept it a secret which one was the one for Lisbon.

Waylon announced that he will work together with stage director Hans Pannecoucke again, just like he did for ‘Calm After The Storm’ in Copenhagen. He told that he will be alone on stage in Lisbon. Check out the song Outlaw In Em below, or listened to the shortened Eurovision studio version on Spotify:

Outlaw In Em

These were the other songs Waylon sang over the last couple of days. Do you think he made the right choice?

Back Together

The World Can Wait

That’s How She Goes

Thanks But No Thanks


  1. You are very fast! It could be. Something different. Hope his voice will not crack though

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