“We are NOT making fun of veganism”

Latvia’s Eurovision 2022 song “Eat your salad” is a funny song about saving the planet by eating less meat. However, the guys from Citi Zeni are not making fun of this. “It is a very important topic to us.”

The guys have all made changes to their lives. “For some of us, it was updating our diets, or starting to recycle. And we hear from people around Europe every day that our song has inspired them to change their behavior.”

Check out the full conversation at Latvia’s Eurovision 2022 press conference:

Of course, the guys understand that their song is funny and tongue-in-cheek. “However, we wanted to create a new way to bring this message across to a new audience. There is no point in bringing the exact same message in the way that has already been heard. We try a new way, to reach new people with this important message.”