“We could see a surprise victory of a ballad tonight”

Despite Cyprus and Israel being the top favourites to win tonight, it could happen that a slower song wins the Eurovision Song Contest. With not that many ballads in the final, the odds for Germany and France are also looking pretty good.

Chief editor Steef van Gorkum of ESCDaily looks ahead at the Grand Final one last time. “Statistically, with a percentage below 40% of ballads in the show, it is likely that one of those songs will stand out,” he says in our last episode of the podcast Daily Coffee.

We also talked about Alexander Rybak, who has drifted in the betting market and about the many niche-songs in the final of tonight. Check it out below. And don’t forget to tune in our Facebook page tonight, when will talk to people in the press centre ├índ answer your questions in a livestream on Facebook!

Listen to the full episode below: