“We have seen a winner yesterday, but not sure which country it is”

All the first rehearsals of the semi final participants have taken place in Tel Aviv, so in this episode of Daily Coffee chief editor Steef van Gorkum speaks his mind whether we have seen a Eurovision winner already. “We have seen a winner yesterday, but I am not sure which country it is”, he states in the podcast.

Despite Memorial Day in Israel, we do have our Daily Coffee. Van Gorkum remains uncertain if Russia or The Netherlands will win it. And Sweden? It can’t be ruled out either, he thinks as you can hear below.

There are no rehearsals in Israel on this Wednesday. Our liveblog will be picked up again tomorrow for the second round of rehearsals of the countries in semi final 1.

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  1. All the countries haven’t rehearsed so it’s may be a bit too soon to say this. You don’t repect the big 5 and Israël.I think Italy is still in the race…

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