Web TV: “EBU already approaching potential winners about hosting Junior 2016”

The EBU has already approached several potential winners to check if they would be willing to host the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. EBU’s Luke Fisher, responsible for the website www.junioreurovision.tv, said that in the latest episode of the ESC Daily Show. “The last thing you want is a Head of Delegation saying something that gets them fired.”

“It is partly for us, to know who is up for hosting and who is not,” Fisher continued, “but it’s also for them, to be prepared and to know what they are going to say at the press conference.” Last year, Italy won the competition but ended up not hosting the contest next year. “Nicola [Caligiore] knew what the position of [broadcaster] RAI was: ‘We have to talk about it’.”

Roy Bennett, advisor for the Macedonian delegation, also joined the show, stating that when it comes to Australia, rules are there to be broken. “I love having Australia in the contest. They showed the rest of Europe how to do it: they sent their biggest male artist!” Bennett was happy to see Guy Sebastian at the London Eurovision Party, in which he is involved. “Very human, lovely guy. Next year, maybe we get Kylie Minogue! That would be a great artist to have at the party. Never say never.”

Luke Fisher also likes Australia being in Eurovision. “Why not? Their song last year was brilliant. Their viewing figures were brilliant. And culturally, Australia is European. Australia slots right in.” Fisher does not understand the negative comments on the internet about Australia in Eurovision. “Some people need to think what this contest is about. It is supposed to be a celebration.”