Web TV: Key To Success Episode 1 – Vocals

ESCDaily discovers the Key To Success in the Eurovision Song Contest. Some say, there is no guide on how to be successfull in the biggest music competition in the world. We tend to disagree….

This the Key To Success. One must focus on the three basic elements in the contest: Vision, Sound and Emotion

In this episode we talk about Sound, which is – obviously – quite essential in a SONG contest. Especially now that the jury vote is back to decide 50 percent of the results. A good vocal performance has become of major importance in the contest to be on top of the score sheet. Good vocals can make you win the jury vote.

Check out the first video in this series here:

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  1. Good start to this series – a spot on vocal is my basic requirement for a possible winner! If you get to the Eurovision live shows and you can’t nail your song so it sounds perfect (or near enough), you really shouldn’t get off the plane…

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