Web TV: The ESC Daily Show (1)

ESC Daily is back with our in-depth talkshow: The ESC Daily Show. Live from the Press Centre in Vienna, Steef van Gorkum is talking with notable guests from the Eurovision world.

In this first episode from Austria, we of course talked about Australia. Kath Lockett, from the delegation of Belarus, and Rodrigo Romero Hidalgo from ESCXtra are not so enthousiastic about their presence in the contest:

“I object the fact that Australia is in the contest,” says Rodrigo. “I think it is a terrible mistake. It’s just a way to get more money in. And it is a European competition with a history. It was bringing a devistated continent together, and when you start losing the essence, it is a very easy way to forget what Eurovision is all about.”

Kath adds to say: “I am a proud Australian and I love the song. I actually didn’t want to love it, because I agree, we are not a part of Europe. Eurovision is not the task of SBS Australia, but it makes me feel a bit more comfortable because I think Sony Music is funding it.”

When you look back at the first round of rehearsals of the first semi-final, most people talk about wardrobes. Especially about the dress from Trijntje of The Netherlands:

“Trijntje doesn’t have the figure to carry it off,” says Kath. “I know that is mean, but it’s dreadful. She is a little too old for this look. It makes you feel uncomfortable. You are afraid things will fall out and that’s not something you want to see.”

Rodrigo: “There is a lot of flesh showing this year. There are good examples, like Greece and Russia, then there is Moldova which is trashy and vulgair. And The Netherlands… It’s just inexplicable.”