Web TV: The ESC Daily Show (2)

ESC Daily is back with our in-depth talkshow: The ESC Daily Show. Live from the Press Centre in Vienna, Steef van Gorkum is talking with notable guests from the Eurovision world.

In this second episode from Austria, we had Sietse Bakker, the Event Supervisor of the contest on the show. Also, Ewan Spence from the in-depth website ESCinsight, was at our table:

We spoke about how to deal with the Finnish group that is taking part this year and the booing of Russia last year. Sietse Bakker said about that: “It was very embarising to see that the twins from Russia were being booed for other reasons than the quality of their song or performance. Eurovision should be a non-politcal event. Of course, people can boo if they really don’t like the song, or think it is a poor performance. But if they boo for political reasons, the EBU also has an obligation to all participating broadcasters to deliver a signal that is free of political statements. And we can safely say that this booing would be a political statement.”

Ewan Spence talked about the chances of countries in the second semi final. “Norway has one of those stunning performances that I find hard to judge. We have seen these songs to months, it’s hard to say what will stand out for people who will see it for the first time. Sweden is another key example of a country that didn’t change that much compared to their national final. The Czech Republic will have their best result ever. They never finished higher than 19th, even if they will get dead last, they will still be 17th!”