Web TV: The ESC Daily Show (5)

ESC Daily is back with our in-depth talkshow: The ESC Daily Show. Live from the Press Centre in Vienna, Steef van Gorkum is talking with notable guests from the Eurovision world.

In this final episode from within the Stadthalle, we speak to the same people as who gave us their final prediction for the final last year. Because back then in Copenhagen, Sofabet-gambler Daniel Gould and Polish journalist Maciej Mazanski said it would be “a battle between Austria and The Netherlands”. How right they were…. So, what do they think of this year?

Daniel Gould: “It’s an open field for me, I have it narrowed down to Sweden, Australia, Russia, Italy and Belgium. Maybe we will not have a landslide victory again this year. Every year is different. But if it does happen, I think only Sweden has the capabilities to do so.”

Eurowizija.org editor Mazanski adds: “When we have seen all the songs so many times, we sometimes tend to forget the first impact a song had on us. Many people will see these amazing visuals of Sweden for the first time, and they will reward it big. Sweden is the big favourite this year.”