Welcome to the new ESCDaily website

Welcome to our new website! Since January 1st 2018 ESCDaily has a new layout and a new corporate identity. However, there is more to it than just a look.

In the past seven months since we covered Salvador Sobral’s victory in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev, our team has worked behind the scenes on refining the core concepts of our platform. Now we are ready to present them to the most important part of our movement: You.

Starting point: Australia in Eurovision

ESCDaily is an Australian based website. Those roots determine much of our vision on the contest. Internally, we’ve always known that we share a point of view that makes us a little different from everyone else. But we never put it in words, we never openly discussed it, and more importantly: we only based our work on it when it suited us.

What’s new now is not only that we wrote our mission statement down for all of you to read and hold us accountable. But also that we now reconsidered everything that we do throughout the season, every little choice we make in our journalistic process, and yes, even the way the website looked – to make it all point in the same direction.

New slogan: “Covering Eurovision as The Olympic Games of Music”

ESCDaily is a sports website about the Eurovision Song Contest. That did not come forward in our old slogan at all and therefore we needed to change it. “The Olympic Games of Music” perfectly describes the way we see the contest. “Australians love to compete,” said the first Australian Head of Delegation Paul Clarke once to us in an interview. For us at ESCDaily, Eurovision is a competition before anything else.

New logo: Both Flag and Speech Balloon

With the new slogan also comes a new logo. Personally, what I love about the logo is the fact that the shape of it can represent both a speech balloon for the different opinions that we voice, as well as the frame for one of the flags of the participating Eurovision countries.

We at ESCDaily believe in the unifying purpose for which the Eurovision Song Contest was created in the 1950’s: to contribute to the creation of a European public sphere. We also believe this is why Australia should be a part of it. That is why in our logo, but also in our articles, we pay special attention to the variety of cultures and traditions that come together in Eurovision.

New homepage theme: an Online Magazine

Our team is formed by professional journalists and media students. We are not, wit hall due respect, a fan website or a blog – we are an online magazine and our new theme reflects that. In this theme, the articles are organized by topics and not by date. That way, we can separate news from opinion, in accordance with the SPJ Code of Ethics.

Our professional background obviously comes with a journalistic responsibility. Therefore, you are all cordially invited to read more about what we promise you HERE, and to hold us accountable. If you want to discuss our mission statement, or if you simply want to comment on our new look, then please contact us through any of our social media accounts (including our brand new YouTube channel!). I will be more than happy to talk to you.

Once more I’ll say, welcome to the new ESCDaily. We hope you like it.