Welcome to day nine

Welcome to day nine of our live Oslo coverage! Today the dress rehearsals for semifinal one will take place – a day before it will be held!

Today there are two dress rehearsals for semifinal one. The first commences at 15:00 CET and the second rehearsal follows at 21:00 CET. The rehearsals will run for approximately two hours.

You can find videos from the rehearsals, the press center and the arena on our youtube page here or live updates via twitter here! If you have a mobile phone that can access facebook you can join our fanpage here to receive live updates.

Today you can expect reports and photos from the team about whats going on in the dress rehearsals. Also we have a live stream running from the press center and we’ll have several updates during the day from Emma and Alec live in Oslo.

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So stay tuned to escdaily.com for the latest updates from the Eurovision Song Contest!

Today’s rehearsal schedule is as follows;

Monday 24 May
Dress Rehearsal One 15.00 17.00
Dress Rehearsal Two 17.00 19.00