What happened in Tel Aviv: Day Four

Every night around 23:55 CET, we summarize the events that occurred in Tel Aviv. On the exciting fourth day, top favourites Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands and Sergey Lazarev from Russia rehearsed for the first time.

In What Happened Today we close off the day with an overview of the most important facts and videos. Have you been working all day? Or you did not have time to follow the rehearsals? Everything you may have missed – you can catch up every night in this article.

Mirrors with holograms for Russia

The LED-screen displays dark clouds, lightning strikes. Sergey Lazarev walks across the stage with the holograms behind him lighting up from time to time. Rain falls down a window where Sergey stands behind during the second verse.

Duncan Laurence still the favourite of the bookmakers

After his first rehearsal, Duncan Laurence from The Netherlands is still the favourite of the bookmakers to win the contest in Tel Aviv. Check out a short snippet of his rehearsal below. He brought along a piano and is alone on stage. A lot of wide shots and audience shots are being used.

At the Dutch press conference, Duncan Laurence admits that some people in The Netherlands are getting ahead of themselves. “Slow down, brother,” he says. “We have not won Eurovision yet.”

North Macedonia and Azerbaijan surprise with good stuff

Both North Macedonia and Azerbaijan, which follow-up The Netherlands at the end of the second semi final, have had a very good day. Both acts got a good reception and appear to be ready to return to the Eurovision final. For Macedonia it would be a first spot in the final since 2012.

Amateur alert for Malta

We are usually very positive and uplifting in our opinion, especially after the first rehearsals. But Malta might fall out of the bookmakers top-10 after today’s performance. Not because of the visual concept, but because of Michela, who is the weakest link in their total package today. Both vocally and in terms of presentation, she falls short.