What happened today in Lisbon: Day Six

Every night around 23:00 CET, we summarize the events that occurred in Lisbon. On the sixth day in Portugal we saw the long anticipated first rehearsals of the six straight qualifiers for the final. Some of them impressed, some of them did not.

In What Happened Today we close off the day with an overview of the most important facts and videos. Have you been working all day? Or you did not have time to follow the rehearsals? Everything you may have missed – you can catch up every night in this article.

France does not live up to full expectations

Madame Monsieur is vocally as solid as we could expect, but they failed to get their staging lift the song as high as a potential winner of the Eurovision Song Contest. Still ‘Mercy’ of course remains one of the better songs in the 2018 line-up.

Germany makes impact after a couple of bad years

Germany will not be at the bottom of the scoreboard of Eurovision again. Michael Schulte makes impact with his heart-felt song ‘You let me walk alone’. Perhaps there are too much visuals and swirls near the end of the song, which takes away some of the raw and pure emotion that Michael has in him. Still, this has to be the best German result in the past couple of years.

Rybak delivers despite the flu

We could see that he was still coping with the backlash of the flu that hit him a couple of days ago. So perhaps his performance was not as energetic as in the first round, but Alexander Rybak still showed us what he is capable of. Check out a snippet of his performance below:

Press centre goes wild for Italy, betting market does not

In the press centre many fan-journalists went wild for Italy after their rehearsal. Except for the punters, who also saw a drop in the betting market. We of team ESCDaily also did not see the hype and don’t consider the Italian song as a potential Eurovision winner.