What is the meaning of Serbia ‘s Eurovision 2022 song “In Corpore Sano”?

Serbia has a Eurovision 2022 song with very interesting lyrics. Singer Konstrakta is also really popular in Serbia and surrounding countries. But what is her Eurovision song “In Corpore Sano” really about? 

The song has multiple meanings, Konstrakta explained at her Eurovision press conference. You can check out her full answer in the video. Below that video, we also list three possible meanings in writing.

Konstrakta explains the meaning of the lyrics of her Eurovision song at press conference:

“Health has become a duty”

According to Konstrakta, health care is no longer a public service, but a personal duty. All over the (western) world, people are taught that it is their own responsibility to be healthy. We should eat specific foods, take vitamin pills, monitor our steps, our heart rate and our sleep and put our excercises on apps.

“Behind all of these commandments, there is a consumption industry,” Konstrakta says. “Companies are making money through this. People get confused, which behavior is healthy and which is not? Which products should they buy? There is a lot of consumption behind the health industry.”

“During Covid times, mental health care has been largely neglected”

Nowadays, people tend to focus so much on their physical health, that mental health is not important. We neglect it. This was especially true during Covid times. Regulations to close schools and sport clubs focused on keeping people virus-free, however, those measures also led to many people developing mental problems.

“The last three lines of our song are about this,” says Konstrakta. “We focus so much on physical health, that maybe the mind suffers. However, do not underestimate: mental health is also a consumer industry.”

“Health insurance in Serbia is a big issue”, says Konstrakta

Konstrakta also received questions about the health insurance situation in Serbia. “Our song started a conversation, which is a good thing. Something needs to change,” she stated. “However, for us it is not only about Serbia. I support good health insurance, and it is something that every country should organize in a fair and proper way. Not only Serbia.”

Konstrakta also requested to have full subtitles in her Eurovision 2022 performance. Read more about that in our news article.

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