Jessica Mauboy sings ‘We Got Love’ for Australia UPD: Listen to the song!

‘We Got Love’ is the song that Jessica Mauboy will sing for Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

On Monday night, the potential Australian Eurovision song even leaked on YouTube. A Few days later, on Thursday, the song was officially released:

Hints about the Australian song

The last couple of days, the likes of Dami Im and Isaiah all placed posts on their Social Media accounts with the hashtag #WeGotLove. Perhaps they already knew something, that the rest of the world did not know yet?

#WEGOTLOVE @jessicamauboy1

Een bericht gedeeld door Dami Im (@damiim) op

Commentator for Australia: ‘Song is a banger’

According to Joel Creasey, who will be the commentator for SBS Australia for the contest in Lisbon, Jessica’s song will be very, very good:

Our Australian reporter Joshua Mayne surely feels excited as well, about the possibilities of another high score at the Eurovision Song Contest.

“She is a simply amazing singer. Her vocal capabilities must be matched with an excellent song,” he states in the video report you can see below:

Jessica Mauboy: ‘Actually competing gives a different feeling’

Jessica Mauboy already took the Eurovision stage in 2014 as interval act, but actually taking part is something different. She told this to ESCDaily and also revealed her plans for Lisbon.

What kind of song can we expect from Jessica, on behalf of Australia? It is probably the main question at the moment, and she gave us her first thoughts. “Maybe an uptempo song, or mid-tempo. I would like to celebrate a more hyped performance. That consist of some movements. I want to make the world move.”