Win a signed copy of Bella Paige’s CD!

Aussies and all other fans of Bella Paige and Junior Eurovision, pay attention! ESC Daily will give out a price package filled with CD’s from artists at JESC 2015.

We can not yet tell you exactly which CD’s will be in there, but one thing is for sure: the price will contain a signed copy of Bella Paige’s single ‘My Girls’!

This is what you will have to do: send us your TOP-5 prediction for Saturday’s Grand Junior Final. You can do that on our Facebook, or by commenting on this article. The person who gets the closest to the actual results, will win the CD’s!

To give you a head start, you can take a look at the predictions from the three editors on Team ESC Daily that have been in Sofia all week. This is what they look like:

Steef van Gorkum

  1. Belarus – Ruslan – Magic
  2. Armenia – Mika – Love
  3. Australia – Bella Paige – My Girls
  4. Russia – Mikhail – Dream
  5. Malta – Destiny – Not my soul

Brandon McCann

  1. Slovenia – Lina – First love
  2. Armenia – Mika – Love
  3. Ireland – Aimee Banks – Realta na Mara
  4. Belarus – Ruslan – Magic
  5. Australia – Bella Paige – My Girls

Jon Marius Hyttebakk

  1. Armenia – Mika – Love
  2. Russia – Mikhail – Dream
  3. Australia – Bella Paige – My Girls
  4. Malta – Destiny – Not my soul
  5. Albania – Mishela Rapo – Dambaje

Give us your TOP-5 and you might win a few great CD’s! Good luck everyone!


  1. Australia’s Bella’s voice is bellisimo.

  2. I listened to the recap 3 times, and watched all preview clips once and all dress reherasals once as well. So on these few hearings I decided the chances.

    1. Malta – in adult eurovision Malta and former Yugoslavia had a strong relation. This uptempo song is catchy, has a good draw and is well sung.

    2. Armenia – uptempo between many ballads, boy between many girls, might loose a little to Georgia.

    3. Russia – The only cute boy between the many girls. (Might loose a little to Belarus)

    Top 3 in random order seems rather clear for me. These are gonna decide for gold, silver and bronze.

    With 5 out of 17 countries sharing the Yugoslav dialects (and musical taste), and besides three other slavic language countries (Ukraine, Russia Belarus) at least one of the former Yugoslavs should be in the top 5. But I don’t know which to choose. In fact I think they all will also split points between eachother and won’t endanger Armenia and Malta. So first I decided to leave them out and predict the best them being 6 (Serbia),7 (Slovenia), 8 (Belarus) and 9 (Ukraine) 10 (Montenegro – 100% te ljubav 2.0), 12 (Macedonia).

    Leaves one to fill in two blanks: I take
    4. Ireland as it is an exceptional song and therefore will stand out maybe. It will certainly have the adult votes and looking at the timetable I don’t think there will be many children voting in former Sovjet countries and Australia watching and voting. Besides Italy (and therefore San Marino) and FYR´s love opera.

    Spot nr 5 … pfff can Ukraine still rely on the pity vote or have children en shorter memory? Will all the probs work? Is Belarus as good as people say? I think it’s rather boring. Could Montenegro profit from the draw and build a party? Will Serbia be as strong as I hope, and being first in running order profit a little from that? Will quality prevail and Slovenia be rewarded? Could Australia sneak in instead of ending 11th? How I’d love the sympathetic Albania to do well, but I think they killed that song in the draw, directly after Malta.

    I’m quite sure San Marino, Italy, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Georgia (too funky for kids and Armenia cancels them out on draw and better act) won’t be top 10 material. Well when undecided I could take a dice or just let highest placed of the Yugoslavs enter in the top 5, so I take

    5. Serbia

    I heard the San Marinese kid is from Azerbaijan, so Armenia won’t award points to San Marino for sure. More interesting it would be to see if San Marino gives Armenia any points as they don´t want to harm their friendly relation with the Azeri…

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