Düsseldorf 2011: Winners’ Press Conference

ESCDaily is pleased to be able to bring you the information and news from the Winner’s Press Conference after tonight’s show. Ryan Wilson will keep you up to date here with everything!

The press conference has begun with the artists walking out on to the podium with their flags – first Serbia, Lithuania, Greece, Azerbaijan, Switzerland, Hungary, Finland, Russia and Iceland.

First we’re talking to Serbia – she expresses her appreciation for the support that she has been given by the Serbian people. She has drawn position 24.

Now to Lithuania, who has a translator speaking for her, expresses her pleasure at getting through to the final. Her draw position for the final is 4.

Loukas Giorkas also expresses his thanks and appreciation for all the artists in the show tonight. He draws number 9 for the final.

Ell & Nigar from Azerbaijan have drawn position no. 19.

Eldrine are asked whether the songs that represent countries in Eurovision are intended to win, or to represent the culture of countries. Their lead singer says that all artists try their hardest to represent the cultural identity of their respective countries. They draw no. 25 for the final and will close the evening on Saturday.

Switzerland draws number 13.

Kati Wolf from Hungary draws number 5.

Finland draws position number 1, meaning he will open the show on Saturday.

Alexej Vorobjov draws positon no. 10 for the final.

A member of the press asks Iceland about their nervousness in being the last to be announced. They refer to their joy at being selected for the final, and have drawn number 21.